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Welcome to the Big Ass Adventure! We are combing the world in search of the biggest, roundest, juiciest asses you’ve ever seen. We’re not talking about fatties... we’re talkin about hot ass chicks with perfect bodies and a NICE BIG ass! We meet these girls all over (beaches, malls, movies, online) you name it and we are there. Check out some of our Exclusive Weekly Videos below!
New Video Added on: Wednesday
Round & Bouncy big ass
Round & Bouncy
This time it is no joke. This beautiful girl "Milena" is amazing. She has this beautiful face but her best feature got to be that "Round and Bouncy Ass". Oh my god! it was and incredible experience. I got to fuck this babe in all imaginable positions and when i asked her if she wanted to try my cock in her Juicy, bouncy, beautiful ass. She replied: yeah baby! i would love to. I don't know if life can get better than this, i just know that Milena sure can fuck and give you a n awesome blow job and when she does it, she does it right. So get with the plan and play this video...You'll love it!! continue here
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Round & Bouncy ass
Round & Bouncy black ass
Round & Bouncy asian ass
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New Video Added on: Wednesday
Cute Lucy big ass
Cute Lucy
I met this girl on my way home. I noticed her walking alone and out of curiosity decided to come up to her to see if she likes sex. She did. Yeah, with an ass like that she better to. So we ended up in my apartment where she started teasing me by striping. Big bad ass striptease. She was doing all this crazy moves making me want to fuck this ass so bad. I'm telling you she is awesome. I wish every girl can be like her or at least most of them. She is cute, nice body, big ass. What else man can dream about? Long story short. I fucked that ass. Even this tiny asshole. So check it out. Peace. continue here
Cute Lucy juicy ass Cute Lucy big ass trailer movie Cute Lucy round ass Cute Lucy nice ass
Cute Lucy nasty ass
Cute Lucy ass
Cute Lucy black ass
Cute Lucy asian ass
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New Video Added on: Wednesday
Gorgeous Monika big ass
Gorgeous Monika
This girl came straight to my apartment to show me how good her ass is. She got on the couch and started playing with her ass slowly robing it. That was awesome. Besides that, she had a doll face and amazing tits. I gave her a pretty big dildo which she stucked in her pussy a second later. Really deep. When she bands over it starts hard to control yourself and stay away from fucking this whole. So i couldn't wait any longer and fucked the shit out of this ass. ASS and PUSSY and then both a the same time with that dildo she was playing with. continue here
Gorgeous Monika juicy ass Gorgeous Monika big ass trailer movie Gorgeous Monika round ass Gorgeous Monika nice ass
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Gorgeous Monika ass
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Gorgeous Monika asian ass
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New Video Added on: Wednesday
Butty Dada big ass
Butty Dada
Nice ass. Yeah. I saw her talking on the phone with someone. When she finished I followed her nice butt and when she put this delicious ass on the bench I came up to her and asked some questions. Then we went to my place where she slowly took all her clothing off and started teasing me by spreading her ass chicks. What a pleasure, this girl has a really nice butt, which I fucked really hard. Then I blow her asshole wild style. She liked it so I. This was a good one. continue here
Butty Dada juicy ass Butty Dada big ass trailer movie Butty Dada round ass Butty Dada nice ass
Butty Dada nasty ass
Butty Dada ass
Butty Dada black ass
Butty Dada asian ass
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New Video Added on: Wednesday
Me and Patricia big ass
Me and Patricia
I was walking down the street with my camera when I saw this beautiful girl with nice ass. I asked her few questions like "do you like sex, suck dick, anal?" and she told me "yes". Thats good. Then we went to my house where she showed me her round delicious and big ass. I gave her dildo and she stuck it in her ASS. Then I suck my finger in there and dick too. This girl definitely likes sex and especially anal which I love, so go ahead and check out this episode. continue here
Me and Patricia juicy ass Me and Patricia big ass trailer movie Me and Patricia round ass Me and Patricia nice ass
Me and Patricia nasty ass
Me and Patricia ass
Me and Patricia black ass
Me and Patricia asian ass
Enter Here for this full length ASS video - This episode includes 38min video + 208 pics
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